Disintegration: Marcus Lehto is already thinking about a sequel!

Disintegration is certainly one of the games that made the biggest impression this week. After being hyped by Xbox players because of its affiliation with Halo, V1 Interactive was able to give the change with not only a trailer that makes you want to play, but also the first positive reviews (french link to our preview).

During gamescom 2019, we had the opportunity to talk with Marcus Lehto, creative director of the game (and yes, one of the creators behind Halo). It was during this interview that he was able to confirm that a sequel for Disintegration is already very much in their mind.

We are not talking a lot about how we’re going to continue expanding today, but the fact is we’re building the architecture to allow us to do that. Because we hope that the game is a success, and become a franchise ! That’s our goal !

Disintegration is not a simple “one-shot” project and is part of a desire to create a brand new universe that will be unveiled during time, on several games. Coming from one of Halo’s creators, we expected nothing less! Everything will ultimately depend on the critical and commercial success of the game when it is released in 2020. With such a solid foundation, that’s all we wish for V1 Interactive!

Note from editor : This article has been translated from french. If there are non-sens in english, please let us know !

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