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Deep Rock Galactic – Une première mise à jour d’ici une petite semaine

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Deep Rock Galactic va bénéficié d’une première mise à jour d’ici une semaine, bien que le studio Ghost Ship Games indique que cette dernière peut prendre plus de temps pour être déployée. Quoiqu’il en soit, les développeurs partagent déjà les prochaines nouveautés qui seront intégrées à ce jeu coopératif dynamique et fun !

  • Un buff de la classe  »Driller » : le personnage va bénéficié d’un important buff, notamment concernant ses deux foreuses et son lance-flammes. Les développeurs espèrent que cette classe sera désormais plus utile et complémentaire vis-à-vis des autres trois autres.
  • Récompenses d’une mission échouée ou dans le cas d’une expulsion, les développeurs ont rencontrés deux problèmes inattendus :
    • Les missions échouées ne rapportaient rien du tout, un aspect qui va changer puisque dorénavant une mission échouée vous rapportera 25% des ressources collectées jusqu’au Game Over.
    • Il ne sera plus possible de rejoindre ou d’être expulsé d’une partie lorsque la phase finale sera lancée pour éviter le souci lié à l’échec d’une mission dans le cas où un joueur est expulsé durant cette phase.
  • Un buff de Bosco : sa capacité à éliminer les créatures sera boostée

[/vc_column_text][vc_toggle title= »Le patch note complet (en anglais) »]

  • Mission End
    • Survival Bonus is doubled up from 75 credits to 150 credits pr surviving player. NOTE: we wanted to extend this to Material bonus as well, but that requires significant rework of the End Mission UI, so that will have to wait.
    • Mission Failed now gives a 25% compensation reward based on minerals collected
  • Co-op sessions
    • Getting kicked now results in Mission Failed, compensation based on contribution
    • Added a new flow and info for Kicking and getting Kicked
    • You can no longer Join a session after Drop Pod has been called
    • You can no longer Kick a player from a session after Drop Pod has been called
    • Tweaked text on Mission Map in regards to new public/ private flow
    • Reworded Server List filter to Show Open and Show Password Servers
    • Add Private Server checkbox in escape menu
    • Added indicator for a joining player to team view
  • Solo mode
    • Bosco should now save you from the cave leeches more consistently
    • Bosco now also gets to play with the big lights. He goes woosh and then you can see a lot more than before 🙂
    • Bosco now has friendly fire reduction 0.2 instead of 1
    • Bosco Deals 100 % more damage (doubled from 3 to 6)
    • Bosco now gets a 250% speed boost when you order him around. Also increased his acceleration from 300 to 550
  • Class Balance: Buffed the Driller’s tools
    • Flamethrower Fuel capacity upped from 160 to 270 units, and each canister holds 90 instead of 80 units. That means the flamethrower now has fuel for three full reloads instead of two, and each reload holds more fuel.
    • Flamethrower Range upped from 8.5 m to 10 m
    • Power Drills: Fuel upped from 30 to 35
    • Increased walk speed while drilling with 10 %
    • Melee damage with drills: Attack speed has been DOUBLED, while the damage of each attack has been lowered from 10 hp to 8 hp. (to compensate for double attack speed)
    • Upgrade Melee Drill damage: 5 hp to 4 hp (to compensate for double attack speed)
  • Intro screen
    • Added patch notes (this text) to Intro screen
    • Text & Button for Steam group no longer shown when rewards have already been claimed
  • Sound, Effects & Animations
    • Idle animations on Pistol and Revolver (also triggered by Reload on full ammo)
    • New Spitballer sound and Maggot sound
    • Changed the flamethrower smoke back to black… It was white, and it was a mistake.. Now it looks awesome again!
  • Caves
    • More cave shapes added to the random generator.
    • More randomness on existing cave shapes.
    • New sticky web environmental hazard. Don’t get caught!
  • Localization
    • Added language selection to Intro screen
    • Croatian, Finnish, Italian and Japanese added
    • All languages updated (as usual new features lagging behind, will show English)
    • Updated community translator credits
    • Added missing characters for Polish language.
    • Some buttons with text did not correctly update after a new language was selected.
  • Misc Fixes
    • Vanity items would sometimes not be correctly displayed on the dwarves in the terminals.
    • Key ‘5’ is now available for custom key bindings
    • Fix Late Join crash if joining right when the level ends.
    • Fixed: you can no longer edit the Hint text while loading!
    • Maptool not updating correctly when terrian changes
    • Disabled Enter key for password pop-up (resulted in a broken state).
  • Known Issues
    • Mouse sensitivity has several issues affecting some players. We are working on a solution, but it didn’t make it into this patch
    • Multiple monitors: For some users the game starts on the wrong monitor. We think we know what this is, but have not tried to fix it yet
    • Typing a wrong password when joining a password protected server results in a “Multiplayer Session Ended” pop-up.
    • Rejoining a game forces you into your previous Class no matter what you select. Many players have asked for a way to lock the game to one of each class. This has many design and implementation consequences, but it’s something we will address soon
    • If the Host quits the game (“Exit to Desktop”) or crashes or Alt-F4, connected players will get a “Multiplayer Session Ended” with no rewards (and the Host is not rewarded either). This is more a point of information on how the game works than a Known Issue.



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