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A Plague Tale 2 currently under development at Asobo Studio


You can find the original report (in french) here.

Asobo have made a name for themselves with A Plague Tale Innocence. It has notably placed the French studio in the spotlight. The recent nomination for best narrative game at The Game Awards is not really a surprise, and many gamers have been eagerly asking for a sequel. Well, those waiting for the continuation of this dramatic story are in luck : we can confirm that A Plague Tale 2 is in development !

The first episode, Innocence, was initially announced as a standalone. It seems that its success has changed the publisher’s plans. According to our verified source, Focus Interactive, publisher of the first game, has ordered a sequel from Asobo Studio. Yes, the same developers of the initial game will be back in action ! The info comes directly from a head of Focus, so the fans can, without a doubt, count on a proper sequel.

Don’t get too impatient though, the game is set to be released in 2022, with an official reveal next year. So we think you can expect more info in one of Sony or Microsoft’s big shows. Maybe during the E3 2020 ?

That being said, the release window doesn’t give too much doubt, we will be seeing A Plague Tale 2 on the next generation of consoles, or the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett if you prefer.

Of course, we contacted Focus Home Interactive, who besides being surprised, confirmed the presented information. Through the mouth of its COO, the publisher validated that the development had begun, and that the communication was planned for next year. This confirms with absolute certainty a new story of A Plague Tale, with Asobo at the helm.

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